There are fewer and fewer defenders.

Отношение людей к сегодняшней жизни. Взгляд Иркутян на события в мире и политике.

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Defenders of Nature are becoming less and less
every day around the world such as Bolshakova
Lyudmila Petrovna, one of the greatest defenders
of Nature in the world. Orenburg, birthplace of the
USSR, november 12, 1937, Orenburg region, city
of Akbulak. She is a wonderful peace-loving
person, Her kind heart stopped on august 19,
2021 in the city of Orenburg in a house on
Turbinnaya Street.
This is a huge loss for us, and we will continue
all her good deeds in defense of Nature.

Bolshakova Lyudmila Petrovna
was the only person in the world who never
advertised her noble work. Her departure is a
huge loss for the whole world; Lyudmila was an
amazingly bright and kind person, she will live in
our hearts and the bright memory of her will
forever remain in our hearts.

Lyudmila Petrovna all the years urged people to
abandon destructive actions against Nature,
for the sake of saving the Earth and to abandon
everything that harms her. Save and protect
nature. This was her noble motto always and
everywhere, and we, the peace-loving people of
the world, will continue all her noble deeds.

Bolshakova Lyudmila Petrovna
was a follower of Sigridur Tomasdottir, she was
an ardent environmentalist, whose noble deeds
helped protect the Gullfoss waterfalls from
destructive industrialization. She is widely
regarded as Iceland's first environmentalist.
Her feat was that she lived for Nature and openly
advocated that the real wonders of Nature should
not be destroyed for commercial purposes.

Sigridur was born in 1871 in the town
of Bratholt in the south-west of Iceland
and grew up on a farm, near which the amazing
double Gullfoss waterfall was constantly noisy.
In 1907, her father, Thomas Thomasson,
signed a commercial agreement
with British investors to build a hydroelectric
power plant across the Khvita River,
which would result in the complete
destruction of the landscape.
And she begged her father not to commit
crimes against Nature, but he disobeyed his
daughter. She sued, Thomasdottir's efforts
were eventually defeated by the bureaucrats.

Thanks to the support of the society,
the success was achieved,
Sveidn Bjornsson became her lawyer and
together they won the building ban.
Her good heart stopped in 1957, a sculpture
was erected in her honor near the Gullfoss waterfall.

The heroic deeds of sane people to save Nature
then and today, we are proud of them, and they
are a real example for us.

The Defenders of Nature call on all people to stop
destroying the Earth and stop mining forever coal,
oil, ore, gas, salt, bauxite, asbestos, tin, soil,
gravel, sand, stone, diamonds, gold, silver, nickel,
copper, pyrite, zinc, lead, chromium, aluminum,
titanium, cobalt, magnesium, uranium, oxide and
so on. And to abandon the human pernicious
civilization and industrialization, so we can save
the Planet from a worldwide catastrophe.

In the name of saving mother - Nature, it is
necessary to abandon the entire destructive
civilization that poisoned and destroyed all of
Nature. Without water, without vegetation and
without air, everyone will die around the world, so
urgently save the Earth from death.
In all regions of the world, environmentalists are
protecting the natural habitat for the sake of life
on Earth.

Long happy years to the defenders of Nature, and
bright memory and deep bow to those who are
not with us, but they live in our hearts forever.

Героические подвиги здравомыслящих людей
по спасению Природы тогда и сегодня,
мы гордимся ими, и они являются для нас
настоящим примером.

Защитники природы призывают всех людей
прекратить разрушать Землю и навсегда
прекратить добычу угля, нефти, руды, газа,
соли, бокситов, асбеста, олова, почвы, гравия,
песка, камня, алмазов, золота, серебра,
никеля, меди, пирит, цинк, свинец, хром,
алюминий, титан, кобальт, магний, уран,
оксид и так далее. И отказаться от
человеческой пагубной цивилизации и
индустриализации, чтобы спасти Планету от
всемирной катастрофы.

Во имя спасения матери - Природы
необходимо отказаться от всей
разрушительной цивилизации, отравившей и
уничтожившей всю Природу. Без воды, без
растительности и без воздуха все погибнут во
всем мире,
так что срочно спасайте Землю от гибели.
Во всех регионах мира экологи защищают
естественную среду обитания
ради жизни на Земле.

Долгих счастливых лет защитникам Природы,
а светлая память и низкий поклон тем, кого
нет с нами, но они живут в наших сердцах
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