Climate protests and the police.

Отношение людей к сегодняшней жизни. Взгляд Иркутян на события в мире и политике.

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In Germany, nature defenders have been
arrested in connection with
a protest against coal mining
that was prevented
by mining companies that have destroyed
the entire history of Germany and
the natural landscape and village
of Lutzerath in North Rhine-
Westphalia. Climate protests have been
happening since last year around the world.

In Europe, students and schoolchildren are
protesting against the mining of coal, oil,
gas, shale, peat, soil, gravel, sand, stone, ore,
copper, salt, nickel, diamonds, gold, uranium,
titanium, aluminum, limestone,
soda and so on. . .
Due to the extraction of everything
in all countries of the world, huge underground
voids have formed, quarries, craters and
abysses are everywhere, and in these voids
water disappears from rivers and lakes.
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