Stop Cop City: Save forest.

Отношение людей к сегодняшней жизни. Взгляд Иркутян на события в мире и политике.

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Stop Cop City in the USA in Atlanta,
the protesters demand to prevent
the destruction
of the forest landscape and to ban
any construction in the forest.

In defense of the forest children,
schoolchildren, students, entrepreneurs,
businessmen, public and environmental
organizations take part in protests against
deforestation. The protesters oppose
the destructive policies of the authorities
at all levels, which authorized
the destruction of the forest for
the construction of a police paramilitary
training center and an international
level complex for training police
officers from around the world to forcefully
disperse rallies, actions and protests.
In all countries, the security forces protect
the interests of criminal and
bureaucratic criminal groups,
they have appropriated power and do not
allow anyone to solve environmental problems
in all regions and continents of the world.

In Atlanta, 86 percent of residents of all ages
oppose any construction in the forest. Defenders
of nature put forward a demand to the authorities
to cancel the decision to cut down and destroy
landscapes and their territories in order to
preserve the environment. Civil servants and
security forces have turned the whole world into
concentration camps and gas chambers, where
all life on the Planet is being destroyed.

In all countries of the world, criminal structures
of power at all levels have deprived people
of all rights, freedoms and natural habitats.
In the bureaucratic committees of the USA,
Russia, Europe, Asia,
Africa and the East, the authorities
make anti-environmental and destructive
decisions to destroy all life on the Planet.
For several centuries, mankind has been
destroying Nature and mercilessly extracting everything from the Earth: coal, oil, gas,
shale, peat, copper, zinc, bauxite, uranium,
potassium, salt, ore, lime, soil, gravel,
pebbles, sand, granite, stone, ruby,
diamond, sapphire, crushed stone, emerald,
amber, lead, uranium, potassium, nickel, tin,
aluminum, tungsten, gold, platinum, mica,
sapphire and so on.
The extraction of all this led to the destruction
of the Earth - everywhere huge
underground voids, quarries, funnels and cracks.
The devastation of the globe led to the death
of the Earth, rivers, lakes, seas, oceans, forests,
meadows, mountains and all life on the Planet.
Due to the mining of everything from the Earth,
the entire globe is devastated and the entire
Earth, water and atmosphere are poisoned
everywhere because of all this -
everything is born by mutants and freaks, and
nothing natural on the Planet is left anywhere
in the world.
Because of the devastated and poisoned globe,
everyone falls ill and dies painfully.

In the USA, Europe, Asia, Russia,
Africa and the East, officials
of all government agencies everywhere
destroy all life on the Planet and brutally
disperse peaceful rallies in defense of Nature.
Only representatives of regions, districts,
cities, as well as representatives of all law
enforcement and supervisory authorities
participate in administrative hearings,
and they are not going to listen to
the opinions and proposals of environmentalists.

In the USA, Russia, Europe, Asia, Africa and the
East, people are protesting against the violation
of the rights and freedoms of civilians.
The posters of the protesters say
stop poisoning us with coal, gas, oil,
chemicals, landfills and sewers.
In all countries of the world,
environmentalists are not allowed into
government structures; they are not invited
to conferences on environmental problems.
The authorities do not allow
peace-loving people in leadership positions
in power structures and they are
not registered as a candidate for president,
governors, mayors, senators and deputies.

Today, all elections in all countries of the world
are fake and bureaucratic shows and
performances, where people everywhere and
in all countries of the world are blatantly deceived.
Security forces, civil servants, bureaucrats and
partocrats, with the help of the fraudulent
structure of election commissions and
the precinct election commission,
their vote counting procedure is fraudulent,
where they decide in whose favor the counting
of votes, who to let in the elections and
into power, and who to compromise and
not allow as a candidate for elections.

In Russia, Argentina, USA, Europe,
Asia and the East many years ago
in world history there were real freedoms and
elections Lenin,
Mirza Davud Bagir ogly Huseynov,
Maria Eva Duarte de Peron,
John Fitzgerald Kennedy,
Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi,
Kebin Johannes Gustavovich,
Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Josip Broz Tito,
Enver Khalil Hoxha,
Saloth Sar, Nicolae Ceausescu,
Augusto Jose Ramon, Pinochet Ugarte,
Konstantin Ustinovich Chernenko,
Erich Paul Honecker,
Wojciech Witold Jaruzelski,
Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin,
Muammar Muhammad -
Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi and
Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias These
wonderful people of the world gave people
the right to embark on the path of creation and
collectivism. I, Banjov Nazarali Kholnazarovich,
am proud of those people who lead people
along the revolutionary path.

In the USA, Russia, Europe, Asia,
Africa and the East, bureaucrats and
partocrats hate creators, they
need obedient puppets who clearly carry
out their will. Throughout the history of the world,
they falsely paint the biography of revolutionaries
in their own interests, and then they are accused
of everything that they did not do.
Accusations against international people
are always falsified and all accusations against revolutionaries are invented and all today's history books are false, they only write all sorts
of nonsense, fairy tales and fictitious
accusations against Lenin,
Felix Dzerzhinsky, Lev Trotsky Mirza Huseynov,
Ernesto Che Guevara, Broz Tito, Enver Hoxha,
Kebin Johannes, Augsto Pinochet,
Saloth Sar, Nicolae Ceausescu,
Erich Honecker, Margaret Techer,
Boris Yeltsin, Muammar Gaddafi and
Hugo Chavez: These wonderful people had
stability, order and discipline, and people lived
well. Their views and styles of work have always
been in the name of peace and solidarity -
the International and their good deeds,
especially in the field of ecology and
in other areas. Here is proof for you -
Muammar Gaddafi turned the desert
into a blooming oasis,
green gardens and meadows.
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Climate protests in USA, England, France, Spain,
Germany, China, Italy, Russia, USA, Europe,
Asia, Africa and the East. The protesters call on
humanity to stop mining everything in the world
and forever stop mining coal, oil, gas, ore,
shale, peat, diamonds, gold, salt, soil, gravel,
sand, stone and so on.
Otherwise the apocalypse will come
in 15 years. The destructive actions
of mankind have led to the poisoning and
destruction of the globe.

In Europe, the USA, Russia, Asia, Africa and the
East, the ecological situation is terrible - acid rain
and drought, shallowing, drying up of rivers and
lakes: These are the consequences
of the extraction of coal, oil, gas, shale, peat,
soil, gravel, ore, nickel, copper, silver,
bauxite, asbestos, tin, salt, sand,
stones, diamonds, gold, pyrite, zinc,
lead, chromium, aluminum, titanium, cobalt,
uranium, oxide, tungsten, zirconium, magnesium,
potassium, vanadium, molybdenum, palladium ,
amber, crystal, emeralds, opal, musgravite,
benitoite, sapphires, alexandria, manganese and
so on: The extraction of everything from the Earth
led to the destruction and devastation
of the globe - huge underground voids, carrera, funnels and so on: And in these huge
underground Postota water disappears.

At the Berlin Medical Center, an international
team of doctors conducted a study and found
that the increasing pollution of land, water and
air with thousands of different, toxic wastes,
chemicals, sewers, landfills, cesspools, cities,
all kinds of industries, factories, factories,
combines, transport, as well as mining
and combustion of coal, oil, gas, shale,
peat and chemicals. led to various
diseases and the growth of diseases,
as well as cancer of the stomach, skin,
eyes, mouth, throat, jaw, larynx, teeth, lungs,
heart, liver, kidneys, intestines, bones,
ovaries, bladder, subungual and
nail plates and so Further.

The devastating consequences of the criminal
activities of mankind and their civilization,
urbanization and industrialization have led to
a deterioration in the climate on the Planet.

Today, there is no clean water, soil and
air anywhere in the world, and nowhere
in the world is there - not a - milligram -
clean - water and land, and the entire Arctic
is poisoned from the extraction of coal,
oil, gas, and so on.
Environmental pollution and
environmental problems in all countries
of the world do not know state borders,
all toxic waste and chemicals are distributed
through water, soil, steam, wind and
clouds, as well as acid rain and snow.

The poisoning of water, land, air and
the destruction of the ozone layer
of the atmosphere is one of the main
problems of climate change to catastrophic
in all regions of the world.
If humanity in all regions of the world
continues to extract everything
from the earth and pollute
the earth, water and atmosphere,
then a global apocalypse will come,
where everyone will die long and painfully.

Climate protests in the USA, England, Germany,
Australia, France, Spain, Portugal, Indonesia,
China, India, Russia, Mexico, Brazil and in all
regions and continents of the world,
where people have realized
catastrophic climate change on the globe and
the approach of a global opacalypse.

Conservationists blocked the main
streets of Berlin, London, Amsterdam and so on.
The protesters demand from presidents,
governments and ministers to introduce a climate
emergency in all countries of the world and a ban
on all types of mining of coal, oil, gas, shale,
peat and much more in all regions and
continents of the world.
Save the Earth from devastation and

Climate protests around the world: Global climate
protests of millions of people, from young
children to adults, have come out in defense of
nature around the world.

Climate protests in Europe call on everyone to
stop mining coal, oil, gas, shale, peat, ore, soil,
gravel, sand, salt and so on.
A wave of climate protests in Europe:

Industrialization and urbanization have led global climate change to disaster throughout the world. Save nature and stop mining oil, gas, coal, soil, gravel, sand, stone, salt, coal. ore. gold, diamonds and much more: In this way, we can all prevent a global environmental catastrophe.

There is no difference between us and other animal plants - we are all children of the Earth and we are all one family. And the whole world must live in accordance with the laws of mother nature to save Mother - Nature from environmental disaster.

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Stop Cop City: solidarity with the movement to
stop construction of Stop Cop City and protect
the Vilauni forest in Atlanta, USA. We call on all
people of good will to solidarity with
the defenders of Nature. In Atlanta, on January 18,
2023, police shot and killed a forest defender, 26-
year-old activist Manuel Tiran.

Violent repressions against the defenders of Nature
in the USA, Russia, France, England, China, India,
Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa and the East, many
people protest against bureaucratic criminal
gangs and their destructive activities.

In memory of Manuel Teran, also known
as Tortugita, we will continue to fight
for the environment. Forests are as alive
as we and the Planet.
Deforestation affects all of us everywhere,
and just like development and deforestation,
it leads to the death of all life in the world.
What's going on in Atlanta is cruelty
to the protectors of Nature.

The fight unfolding in Atlanta is the fight
for the future of the world.
As the catastrophic effects of climate change
hit us with hurricanes, drought and
heat from burning coal, oil, gas, peat,
shale. as well as from industry,
transport, building materials, tin, plastic.

Air conditioners raise temperatures to catastrophic
levels in all regions and continents of the world.
The defenders of the forest are trying to protect
Nature, to support them - this is our duty to all
flora, fauna and their future - all over the world.
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In the USA in Atlanta on January 18,
2023, forest protector Manuel Esteban Paez
Teran was shot and killed, this brutal killing
sparked massive protests across the state
against the security forces.

Several defenders of the forest were arrested
on trumped-up charges of not being subordinate
to the security forces.

Defenders of the forest local public
organizations for the protection
of the environment and autonomous organizations.
Efforts to protect the Vilauni Forest have resulted
in numerous arrests.

Opponents of the construction of Ctop Cop City
call to prevent the destruction of the forest.
Environmentalists from the organization
of the Union International were arrested.

In Atlanta, the Vilaunee Forest, also
called the South River Forest, is a 3,500-acre
wooded green area around the perimeter of
Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Local residents
protect the forest from destruction.
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